Available courses

Course Image Creative Christmas Art

Learn basic art techniques and explore some of the different art mediums and methods available, such as paper collage. Enjoy the creative process while making art pieces that will add a personal touch to Christmas giving this season. 

FRIDAY 12.45pm-2.45pm 23 Nov—30 Nov (2 weeks) 

Cost: $35.00 (includes materials) 

Course Image Beginner's Art Class

Over six weeks, experiment with different art techniques and mediums including acrylic paint, watercolour paint, print making, charcoal and pastel, mixed media art and fabric art. Produce an interesting new piece of art each week and learn some new art skills. All materials provided. 

THURSDAY 12.30pm-2.30pm 1 Nov - 6 Dec

Cost: $50.00 per 6 week term or casual $10.00 per class 

Course Image Dandenong U3A Painting Class

A popular painting group run by U3A (University of the Third Age). Cost is membership to U3A plus materials. For more information and to become a member of U3A phone 9546 2997. 

THURSDAY 12.00pm-2.00pm 

Course Image Coffee and Cards

A friendship group for people interested in card making or papercraft. Bring along your own materials/projects and craft the afternoon away with company and a cuppa. 

TUESDAY 12.00pm-2.30pm 9 Oct—11 Dec (9 weeks) 

Cost: $3.00 per week No class 6 Nov 

Course Image Handmade Christmas Cards

In this workshop by Michelle from Stampin’ Up!, create beautiful hand-made Christmas cards with the latest techniques and tools. Friends and family will appreciate the gift of a personal handmade card. 

WEDNESDAY 10.30am-12.30pm 5 Dec (1 week) 

Cost: $20.00 

Course Image Card Making

Don't miss these fabulous card-making workshops

Try out different techniques using inks, stamps, dies, and more. Includes materials. 


Stampin! Up! With Michelle 

WEDNESDAY 10.30am-12.30pm 10 Oct Cost: $20.00 

Kaszazz with Lisa 

THURSDAY 12.30pm-2.30pm 15 Nov Cost: $20.00 

Course Image Card making and Scrapbooking Friendship Group

This group is for card making or scrapbooking enthusiasts. Set aside time to get together with other crafty people to share ideas or to complete those unfinished paper projects. BYO own materials. 

MONDAY 12.30pm-3.00pm 8 Oct—10 Dec (9 weeks) 

Cost: $3.00 per week No class 5 Nov 

Course Image Knitting and Crochet

A friendly group for all levels, from beginners to advanced (our friendly volunteer can show beginners how to get started). Enjoy some company and a chat while you knit or crochet. You can either knit a project for yourself or you may like to knit for charity. BYO needles and wool. 

WEDNESDAY 1.00pm-3.00pm 10 Oct—12 Dec (10 weeks) 

Cost: $3.00 per week 

Course Image Patchwork Friendship Group

For anyone who loves patchwork and quilting and enjoys sharing ideas. New members must have basic skills in patchwork and quilting as there is no tutor. BYO projects and equipment. 

TUESDAY 9.00am-12.00noon 9 Oct—11 Dec (9 weeks) 

Cost: $3.00 per week 

Course Image Embroidery or Patchwork

Students choose and work on their own projects (whether it is patchwork or embroidery) with help and advice from the tutor. For the beginner the tutor can help select a suitable design and give suggestions on colour combinations. 

WEDNESDAY 12.45pm-2.45pm 17 Oct—5 Dec (8 weeks) 

or THURSDAY 9.30am-12.00noon 18 Oct—6 Dec (8 weeks) 

Cost: $80.00 plus materials 

Course Image Made with Love Quilters

Made with Love Quilters are a dedicated group of ladies who make quilts for charity. They would love anyone who is interested to come along and help out, all materials are supplied to make the quilts. Come for a few hours or stay all day - BYO lunch. 

Last FRIDAY of the month 26 Oct, 30 Nov, 7 Dec 

Second MONDAY of the month 8 Oct, 12 Nov 

Time: 9.30am-2.30pm Cost: $3.00 per session 

Course Image Quilling for Card Making

Quilling is a much easier than it looks and with a little guidance participants will be amazed at how quickly they learn the technique. Make quilled flowers and other designs and mount them on cards. All materials and tools provided for the class. 

FRIDAY 10.00am-12.00pm 23 Nov (1 week) 

Cost: $10.00 

Course Image Pilates Mat Beginner Course

Come and join us for beginner / intermediate Pilates mat classes, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. This class focuses on core stability, flexibility, postural control, breathing, alignment and rehabilitation. Please bring a drink bottle, mat and towel. For bookings and enquiries phone Leigh on 0422 438 774 or 9792 4238. 

THURSDAY 7.30pm-8.30pm 11 Oct—13 Dec (10 weeks) 

Cost: $18.00 per class—pay in advance for term; 

or casual rate of $25.00 per class 

Course Image Gentle exercise with Tai Chi

For people aiming to improve their level of fitness through gentle exercise. Especially suitable for people who wish to improve and maintain their level of fitness. The class includes weight-bearing exercises for strength, exercises for flexibility, co-ordination, balance, controlled breathing, and circulation. For bookings and enquiries phone Sandra 0402 739 702. 

FRIDAY 10.15am-11.15am 12 Oct - 14 Dec (10 weeks) 

Cost: $8.00 per class; No concession. 

Course Image Tai Chi

Promotes harmony of mind and body. Tai Chi is meditation in motion, movements are slow and gentle. Classes include muscle stretching and relaxation. Suitable for all ages. For bookings and enquiries phone Sandra 0402 739 702. 

MONDAY 2.00pm-3.00pm (beginners) 8 Oct—17 Dec (10wks) No class 5 Nov 

TUESDAY 6.30pm-7.30pm (beginners) 9 Oct—11 Dec (9 wks) No class 6 Nov 

WEDNESDAY 1.30pm-2.30pm (beginners) 10 Oct—12 Dec (10wks) 

FRIDAY 11.15am-12.15pm (advanced) 12 Oct—14 Dec (10wks) 

Cost: $100.00 per 10 week term or $12.00 per class 

Concession: $80.00 per 10 week term or $10.00 per class 

Course Image Meditation

Free classes!

Learn meditation on the inner light. A simple but effective method to bring out your innermost qualities, enhance your powers of concentration and benefit you at the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. For bookings & enquiries call Sharon 0419 308 475. 

TUESDAY 1.45pm-2.45pm 9 Oct—11 Dec (9 weeks) 

No class 6 Nov 

WEDNESDAY 6.00pm-7.00pm 10 Oct—12 Dec (10 weeks) 

Course Image AMEP English Class

English Fridays is a relaxed class where you can improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing while learning about everyday life in Australia. Run by Chisholm Institute for students eligible for the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) 510 hours of free English. 

FRIDAY 9.00am-2.30pm 12 Oct - 14 Dec (10 weeks) 

Phone Chisholm on 1300 517 459 to find out if you can join this free program and to make an appointment 

Course Image AMES English Classes

AMES Australia delivers English Language programs at Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre. English Language Skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and developing computer skills will be taught. Classes are held Monday 9am-1.15pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9am-12.15pm. 

For enquiries call AMES Australia Dandenong on 8791 2401 or go to Level 4, 280 Thomas St Dandenong. 

Course Image Interactive English

This e-Learning class is learning English through specially designed com-puter–based English programs and online activities and exercises. You will improve your English, reading and spelling skills while also learning to use a computer. Improving communication skills gives students access to more choices in learning areas, the workforce, further education and students are better prepared for everyday living. 

MONDAY 9.00am-1.00pm 8 Oct—17 Dec (10 weeks) 

No class 5 Nov 

Cost: *$43.00; Concession: $15.00 *Government funded rate 

Course Image English as an Additional Language

Improve your reading, writing and speaking skills in this small and friendly class. Practise your conversation skills to assist you with shopping, banking and other everyday tasks. Gain the confidence to go on to further study or get a job. Suitable for beginners to intermediate. 

Students must be permanent residents or Australian citizens to be eligible for this government funded class. 

TUESDAY 9.00am-1.00pm 9 Oct—18 Dec (10 weeks) 

Cost: *$43.00; Concession: $15.00 No class 6 Nov 

WEDNESDAY 9.00am-12.30pm 10 Oct—12 Dec (10 weeks) 

Cost: *$37.00; Concession: $15.00 

THURSDAY 9.00am-1.00pm 11 Oct—13 Dec (10 weeks) 

Cost: *$43.00; Concession: $15.00 *Government funded rate 

Course Image Internet Computer Club

Get together with other people who share your interest in computers and the Internet. This is an informal group for people who have completed one of our computer classes or have some computer experience. 

THURSDAY 9.45am-11.45am 11 Oct—13 Dec (10 weeks) 

Cost: $3.00 per week 

Course Image Internet Basics and Beyond

In a small group setting, learn how to set up an email, browse the internet, use Facebook and Skype, get tips about online safety and much more. Suitable for people who have completed one of our computer classes or have some computer experience. 

TUESDAY 10.00am-12.00pm 9 Oct—27 Nov (7 weeks) 

Cost: $3.00 per week No class 6 Nov 

Course Image Word for Beginners

Get started in Microsoft word, learn how to create, save and change docu-ments, formatting text, paragraphs and pages 

TUESDAY 12.30pm-2.30pm 16 Oct—30 Oct (3 weeks) 

Cost: $30.00; Concession: $25.00 

Course Image Excel for Beginners or Intermediate

The basics of excel explained and you will learn how to create spread-sheets and how to customize them to use for a wide variety of purposes. 

If you have completed the beginners module, learn more about excel functionality by doing the intermediate level. 

TUESDAY 12.30pm-2.30pm 13 Nov—27 Nov (3 weeks) 

Cost: $30.00; Concession: $25.00 

Course Image Children's Art Class

For primary school age children, your child will learn a wide range of art making skills including drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and canvas. We provide a fun and creative space to learn and experiment with different mediums including pencil, watercolours and acrylics. Class activities are age appropriate and include a mix of theory and hands on practice and will develop children’s skills and creative thinking. 

FRIDAY 4.00pm-5.00pm 19 Oct - 23 Nov (6 weeks) 

Cost: $72.00 ($12.00 per class) 

Bookings: Phone 9700 3789 or contact Seema on 0432 940 297 

Course Image Mandarin for Children

Children love our fun classes. Using Accelerated Learning Techniques which involves the children using both sides of their brain through music, storytelling and games. Classes suitable for ages 4 to 12 years. For more information see web site: www.accschinese.com 

SATURDAY 9.30am-11.30am 20 Oct - 8 Dec (8 weeks) 

Bookings: Phone 0421 709 414 

Course Image Affordable Maths and Physics Tutoring - Exam Study Sessions

For Year 12 students who are about to sit their exams, sessions are available to students studying Maths or Physics who need to revise a particular topic or area to boost confidence and knowledge of the subject going into exams. 

Sessions of 2 to 3 hours are available between the hours of 9.30am-3pm 

Monday-Friday from 22 October to 2 November. 

Cost: $10.00 per session. Bookings by appointment: Phone 9700 3789. 

Course Image SingIt Music School

Singing, guitar and piano lessons. Singit Music School has over 15 years of experience in the music industry and their singing techniques are worl renowned. Singing lessons improve pitch, tonal quality, vocal range, vocal power/projection, vocal placement, breathing technique and pronunciation. Guitar and piano lessons are also available. Phone Ash on 0431 206 266 for all enquiries and bookings. Classes held on various days and times at the Centre. 

Course Image Affordable Maths and Physics Tutoring

Tutoring in Maths and Physics for anyone in Years 9 to 12 at very affordable rates with experienced tutor. For help and revision with General Maths, Maths Methods or Specialised Maths on Wednesdays, and with Physics scheduled for Saturday mornings. If you would like a tutoring session but cannot make the scheduled times, please contact us to see if we can work out a suitable time for you. 

Ray has a Masters of Electrical Engineering and is a lecturer at Monash University. He has a wealth of practical industry experience and educa-tional expertise. 

Maths MONDAY 5.30pm-6.45pm 8 Oct—26 Nov (8 weeks) 

Physics SATURDAY 9.30am-11.00am 13 Oct—24 Nov (7 weeks) 

Cost: $10.00 per session 

Bookings: Phone 9700 3789 or phone Ray on 0412 869 695 

Course Image Lynn's Learning

English and Maths tuition for Prep to Year 10 students. Individualised extension and remedial programs, mathematical skills, creative writing techniques, ICAS, NAPLAN & scholarship preparation. Call to book your free assessment. Find out more at http://www.lynnslearning.com 

MONDAY 3.45pm-6.45pm 8 Oct—10 Dec (9 weeks) 

Bookings: Phone 9796 8779 No class 5 Nov 

Course Image Counselling with Manini

Counselling provided for grief and loss, criticism, fear, guilt, anger, abuse, low self-esteem, abandonment, loneliness and other issues. Manini’s (the counsellor) qualifications are a B.A., a Diploma of Holistic Counselling and she is a member of HTA and AHHCA. Counselling is free for all members of the community over 21 years of age. All client information and data is strictly confidential. Bookings essential—phone Manini on 0430 511 832 or email belief.hope@hotmail.com 

THURSDAY by appointment (between 9.00am-3.00pm) 18 Oct—6 Dec (8 weeks) 

Course Image Job Ready

Looking for work? Update, refresh and learn skills to help you get a job. Learn how to develop your skills in job searching, 

resume writing, cover letters and interview skills. This course covers a range of topics including goal setting, further study options, seeking a job which is suitable for the job seekers abilities, qualifications and likes. The course offers valuable employability skills—planning, problem solving, self-management and provides a clear pathway into paid employment. 

FRIDAY 9.00am-3.00pm 16 Nov—14 Dec (5 weeks) 

Cost: $55.00. Fees negotiable if experiencing financial hardship. 

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Course Image Early Childhood Ed and Care

Elite Training Institute (RTO CODE 40965 and CRICOS CODE 03470A) offers: 

CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care—52 weeks 

CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care—80 weeks 

Two weekly classes: Monday 10am and Saturday 8am. 

Government Funding available for eligible individuals and is delivered through Skills First Program by Victorian Government training initiative. NON-ELIGIBLE students for Victorian Government can apply for full fee for service and pay $200.00 per month for the duration of the course. 

Contact ETI on 9088 0255, or  email info@eti.edu.au for details on eligibility admission criteria and course structure. 

Course Image Occasional Child Care

Do you need some time out? Do you have appointments to attend, shopping to do or would just like some time for yourself? Our qualified and experienced staff can care for your children but bookings are essential as places are limited. Bookings can be made by phoning 9700 3789

TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS Time: 9.30am-12.30pm 

Cost: $180.00 per term or $20.00 per session 

Plus $10.00 yearly enrolment fee 

Course Image Junior Activity Group (JAG)


These pre-kinder sessions help to prepare children for their kindergarten year while having lots of fun. We offer a varied program that encourages socialisation and caters for the needs of your child. There is structured activities such as singing, outdoor play, stories, painting, play dough, puzzles and more. 


All session times: 9.30am-12.30pm 

Term Fee: $180.00 (1 session/week); 

$340.00 (2 sessions/week) 

$500.00 (3 sessions/week) 

Plus $10.00 yearly enrolment fee. 

Course Image Creative Mosaics

In this 3 week workshop conducted by Jewels the Glass Lady, you will create a fabulous mosaic tile that you can use for decoration in the home or garden. You will learn the tips and techniques of mosaics, such as design, cutting glass, tiling and grouting. Book early as places are limited. 

Proudly supported by City of Casey Aging Positively Festival. 

WEDNESDAY 9.30am-12.30pm 17 Oct—31 Oct (3 weeks) 

Cost: FREE. 

Course Image Art Diversity Wall

Coming in Term 4, and into Term 1 of 2019, we are running a community collaborative project. Workshops will give participants the opportunity to design and paint a ceramic tile which will be included in the beautiful Diversity Wall that will be erected at the Centre. If you would like to participate, or have a community group that you would like to run a workshop with, please contact us on 9700 3789 to register your interest. 

Proudly supported by City of Casey Community Grant. 


Tuesday 30 October, 10.00am-1.00pm 

Are you missing out on everyday sounds and conversations? Hearing checks only take 15 minutes and are conducted by professional staff from Australian Hearing. Phone 9700 3789 to book and appointment or just pop in on the day. 

Course Image Morning Melodies

Thursday 22 November, 10.00am-11.30am 

Come along to this exciting event to hear Heather from Sounds of Evergreen sing an array of well known songs. Then get into the Christmas spirit as Heather will close the show with some Christmas Carols. Light refreshments provided. Cost $5.00 per person. 

Bookings essential—phone 9700 3789. 

Course Image My Health Record Information Session

Thursday 25 October 2018 10:30am - 11.30am 

In 2018 every Australian will get a My Health Record unless you opt out by the deadline. This information session presented by Margie Pickersgill, Department of Human Services, will cover all aspects of My Health Record. Margie will explain what information is contained on My Health Record, the benefits of having all your health information in the one place, privacy and who has access to your information. You have until mid November to opt out if you do not want a My Health Record. You will be shown how to do this using myGov or through the My Health Record website. Margie will also be able to help anyone who wishes to set up a new myGov account or answer any questions you may have about myGov. 

Bookings essential—phone 9700 3789. 

Course Image Boomerang Bags Sewing Bees

Boomerang Bags is a community initiaitive where volunteers make reusable bags from recycled fabric and provide them to the community as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Help make bags at the fortnightly sewing bees. All ages welcome and no experience required. Free event. No bookings needed. Enquiries - Amanda on 0422 529 573 or BBEndeavourhills@gmail.com.

6-9pm, 2nd Wednesday of every month

1-4pm, 4th Saturday of every month.